My alarm goes off and what do I immediately do? Besides roll over and hum to Florence & The Machine which in my opinion is the best alarm one could dream of – I check my iPhone. I don’t want to leave all you android lovers out since I know how proud you are of telling everyone in the world you own one. However, despite the device, I catch myself scrolling on social media and before I know it time has flashed by at warp speed. I used to be a strictly Instagram only social media user but have recently added in TikTok to my time wasting list. As an elder millennial I cringe at the videos genz makes yet watch frantically trying to keep up with the times and thinking of it as my new google search engine or encyclopedia of knowledge. So I joined the gen z’s and started creating content.

After over 4 long years of retail management, I have decided to go back to my roots and pursue my career of styling again. I worked for years in prop and wardrobe styling for commercial work on the east coast and have missed it so much. My soul yearns to do creative work again thus the transition back into it! I left my steady job as a retail manager and have plunged head first into the creative career of styling. I thought what would be a better way to forge back into the madness but to do a 15 day styling challenge. I am on day 3 and have been posting to TikTok and Instagram chronicling my journey. So head on over to the main page of my website and follow along! I am using users’ suggestions on what to style – well some since a few seem to be a little too x rated for TikTok and would be better suited for OnlyFans. But hey – I will style anything a client wants, I do not judge and there is no limit to my creative freedom. 

Head on over to my socials and join my network and watch the styling challenge debacle! Feel free to comment, contact or book me directly. I can’t say it is always going to be pretty and positive but I can tell you I will be real. It is nice to meet you all and I look forward to navigating our journey together. 

Stay Wild

xx Annie